Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Oldie-Pleasant-Burb Families - Pod One

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About Family Trees

Originally, I was going to just make one huge tree. However, after much thought and visual guidance this just won't be feasible. I don't have a way to host the full-size image because it is so large!

So you will be seeing what I call "family pods". I will follow each line down, but you may not see extended family for some Sims. You will be able to view their full tree from their "family pod".

I hope this makes sense!

***Edit: I haven't had the first pod up for more than 15 minutes and already I am finding my tree pods all over the net. I don't mind if you LINK to the image (I prefer you just link to my site), but at least give me credit! I worked hard both in my game to create the families, and in PS to create the tree pods themselves. It's all about COURTESY!

Caliente Family - Pod Update One

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Lothario Family - Pod Update One

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Goth Family - Pod Update One

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Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Cuteness Overload

There just are some things you have to snap a shot of... These are a few of those times:
Ethan and Jacob are the children of Don and Cassandra Lothario.
While I ran the house on Auto-Pilot (meaning I didn't direct anyone
to do anything), I caught these adorable brother's playing together!

Faith and Kyle are the children of Mortimer and Dina Goth.
Dina was run-down and taking a nap on a cold winter's day, Kyle was
being fussy, so Faith sat right down and started playing "Peek-a-Boo"with
her baby brother!

(Remember when I said the Goth's started it? Let's just say, Mortimer passed
just hours after having a bit of fun with Dina. Hence the adorable Kyle.)

So poor Dina just couldn't catch a break, she was always exhausted.
So big sister Faith steps up and helps Dina out by teaching Kyle
a nursery rhyme.

This gorgeous girl is the daughter of Darren and Brandi Dreamer.
Making her the sister of Dirk Dreamer, Dustin Broke,
Beau Broke, and Bobby Broke (coincidence! He was born before 
I watched Cindy's videos!)

I did not edit her (change clothes/add make up/change hair, etc).
This is seriously how she grew up, and the first thought that ran through
my mind, "She's an adorable little doll!"

That's all I have for today. I hope to add more in the near future!

Tuesday, September 3, 2019


Hello! Currently I am playing Pleasantview, after stumbling over an awesome blog and YouTube video's from PleasantSims. Please go and check out Cindy's site and videos, you will sincerely enjoy them (once you get past the kind of boring intros *wink*).

So for now, this blog will contain much about how my play is progressing (images) and the massive family tree(s) of my Pleasantview.

If you look at the tree, you will notice a lot of things are eerily similar to things going on in Cindy's videos. I assure you, this is coincidental and was not planned out/copied. Let's just say, the Goth family started it, and the Lothario's blew it out of the water!

Some of the things that I love from Cindy's style of play:

  • Aging System
  • First Generation College Setup (I'm a firm believer that college shouldn't be a "free-ride")
  • Mayor & Taxation System

I'll add to this list as I watch/listen to more of her videos! Yes, I said "listen" to "videos". That's because I play and listen for inspiration and ideas, that's the whole point of the videos after-all!

Anyway, enough boring stuff. Onto the next!

***Special thoughts of my dad on the 19th "anniversary" of his passing. Rest in Peace, Dad.***